Treadmill Mat – Yes or no? – Folding Treadmill Review


There are few items that you need to buy along with your new treadmill, but in our opinion a good quality Treadmill Mat is a must have.

These mats are inexpensive, and have many advantages when installed in your home.


No matter how good your treadmill, (or how carefully you level it when it arrives), when you start running it will have a tendency to move, especially on hard surfaces. Placing a rubberized treadmill mat directly on the floor below the Treadmill will overcome this.


Vibration is a natural result of operating almost any motor, and your treadmill is no exception. Once started vibrations will only increase overtime, reducing the efficiency and lifespan of your treadmill. Again a Treadmill mat will go a long way to overcoming this problem.

If your treadmill is being placed on carpet, no matter how well you clean, there will not only be dust but also carpet fibres in the air, and the vibration of your treadmill will increase the volume of both. These can make their way into your machine, and worse still, into your lungs. Simply placing a mat under the machine helps to reduce both.

It is also worth mentioning that your floor will probably cost a lot more to repair, or replace if constant vibration of a heavy treadmill leads to scratches or indentations. Again, an inexpensive treadmill mat will remove the risk of damage.

Finally the factor of noise. Manufacturers do all they can to reduce the noise level of your treadmill, but whatever the level, a machine standing on a hard surface such as Wood or Tile, will produce more noise than one on an absorbent surface. Your rubberized mat will absorb some of the noise instead of it bouncing around those hard surfaces.

So there are just a few simple reasons to invest a few extra dollars when you are buying your treadmill, extend your treadmill’s life, and reduce the impact the machine can have on your home and lifestyle.
It is a great investment.


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