Treadmill Maintenance basics


Unlike most appliances in our homes, our treadmills, whether folding or non folding, are far too heavy to pick up and transport for maintenance.

Manufacturers , are doing all they can to make Treadmill maintenance as infrequent as possible, but there are a few basic tasks we should look at on a regular basis.

The best place to start is when we are first setting up the machines.


Basic Treadmill Maintenance is pretty simple
It is essential to get your treadmill positioned on a flat, solid surface. For best results, use a spirit level, and make small adjustments of the feet until the machine is really level. Your attention to detail here will reduce future damage to both the motor and the belt.


Standing the machine on a Treadmill mat will reduce the impact of dirt and fibers reducing the cost of ongoing Treadmill maintenance. The mat will  also have a positive impact on vibration levels and noise from the machine.

Center the Belt

To reduce wear, and improve stability make sure that the belt is pretty well aligned, is running straight, and that it is not touching the side rails.

Even if your belt starts out this way, you will need to check it regularly as part of your basic treadmill maintenance routine. If if your machine is even slightly off “level”, or if the user favors one leg over the other when running or walking, the belt alignment can suffer.

Some of the more expensive machines now have lifetime warranty on belts, but for most the belt is subject to wear from the impact of the user’s shoes. Have a close look at the belt from time to time and replace as needed.


Again, there are a few of the more expensive Treadmills that require little attention to lubrication, but in most cases, this is a simple task that should be done every couple of months. Keeping your belt well lubricated reduces stress on the motor by reducing the friction and drag between the belt, and the treadmill deck.

We recommend you buy a 3 pack of lubricant so you always have lubricant on hand.

As this video demonstrates, the process is very simple.

General Cleaning:

If you are using your treadmill regularly, there is a pretty good chance that moisture from perspiration will start to accumulate on the running belt and surrounds. Over time, this will lead to a build up of bacteria, and along with general moisture, can lead to rust on the frame. Take a few moments to wipe your treadmill machine down at least weekly.Just use a lint free cloth, and a non toxic, all purpose cleaner. Five minutes each week will help keep your treadmill in great condition.With or without a mat under the treadmill, vacuum the area regularly to reduce dust and particles that can otherwise build up and make the machine run hotter than it should.Perhaps once each month, unplug the machine, lift the cover from the motor, and vacuum out and dust or debris that has made its way in there.That’s about it really, a relatively simple routine to protect your investment.


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