Freemotion 860 Treadmill Review – Best Treadmill Reviews 2018


The Freemotion 860 is a treadmill that will motivate you to be the very best you can while running and training. That’s because it is a solid, quality made fitness product. The Freemotion 860 treadmill was designed with runners in mind and features incorporated into the design of this product will show you the manufacturer knew what they were doing. Powerful and comfortable are words used to describe this treadmill and that is what this piece of home fitness equipment is.

Features that make this a quality product include a 7-inch full color touch display and combined with Android capabilities and iFit Technology, you will be able to track your progress and monitor all vital stats and signs. The Freemotion 860 is built on a 3.8 CHP Commercial Pro motor with speed controls up to 12 MPH. There’s also a Step Speed Control, Step Decline Control to -3-degrees, Step Incline Control to 15-percent, a total of 34 workout routines pre-programmed and an integrated cross fit tray.

This Freemotion treadmill comes in a space saver design which makes it useful in small spaces such as apartments or small rooms and it has an easy lift assist to make moving it around a lot easier. Add to this the 2.5-inch non-flex rear roller and a music port for your iPod and you can be working out to your favorite tunes shortly after taking this product out of the box it comes in. Extra monitoring features include the dual grip heart rate monitor, which comes complete with a chest strap, a 22-inch wide by 60-inch long 2-ply commercial grade running belt and a CoolAire workout fan to keep you cool on those intense running workouts.

Where this treadmill truly stands out is the warranties that are placed on it by the manufacturer. You can tell a lot about a product when you examine the kinds of coverage they provide. In the case of the Freemotion 860 treadmill, it has a lifetime frame and motor warranty, a five year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty. It is well balanced, has what the manufacturer calls their SRS Surface Response Suspension to protect ankles, knees, hips and joints from excess impact with a low impact shock absorbency.


What owners of the Freemotion 860 say

Online reviews of this product are positive and point to many of the features as adding to the value and enhancing workouts of the users. The iFit Technology is innovative and allows multiple users of the treadmill the ability to track and monitor their individual progress. This is a huge plus for many owners of this product as is the large 7-inch touch display. It tells you everything you need to know during your workout in order to keep yourself in your proper target range for optimal fitness results. It will allow you to do all this with just the touch of the screen.

This folding treadmill 860 is a top pick of consumers for many other reasons including the quality construction. You can walk, jog, run, sprint and do a lot of long distance pounding and the machine will not only take it, it will protect you from injury with a strong frame and tremendous shock absorbing qualities from the SRS Surface Response Suspension built into the unit. The folding design gives it portability which some reviewers say is handy in cramped living quarters.

The number of pre-programed workouts, the incline and decline features and the speed controls all add up to make the Freemotion 860 one of the best fitness treadmills you will ever encounter. In fact, some online reviewers say it is the best treadmill they have ever owned. When you compare this one to others, you’ll quickly see that this product does stand out. With the amazing warranty coverage added to it by the manufacturer, there is not much that can go wrong with it that can’t be fixed. Overall, the quality of this piece of home fitness equipment is obvious. Based on value for price, this Freemotion treadmill is quite simply a powerful machine that will give you a comfortable workout as you will experience from an indoor home treadmill. We rate it highly enough to select it as #6 in our Top 10 Folding Treadmills list.


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